GTA Online Revs Up Today at 12pm GMT: Murderous Joyriding, With Friends!

By Gerald Lynch on at

If ever you needed a reason to pull a half-day sickie from work or school, this is it: GTA Online, the multiplayer portion of Rockstar's record-breaking open world crime sim Grand Theft Auto V, launches in the UK today at 12pm GMT.

Landing two weeks after the single player campaign hit shelves, the free add-on will let as many as 16 wannabe gangsters explore the giant game world of Los Santos in its entirety, as well as taking on structured co-operative missions created by developers Rockstar Games.

However, having sold well over 17 million copies, there are now fears that servers will be overloaded as gamers prepare to log into the highly anticipated game mode.

"We are working around the clock to buy and add more servers," reads the Rockstar blog. Though gamers will always have the single player mode to fall back on if server capacity can't match demand, Rockstar will want to avoid the damning backlash that hit the recent high-profile launches of online-only games Sim City and Diablo 3.