GTA Online Players Getting $500,000 in Virtual Cash as Apology for Criminal Launch

By Gerald Lynch on at

The open-world promise of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer game was marred by one of the most horrific launches in recent gaming history. With servers getting hammered, glitches halting play and entire player characters being deleted, it was about as much fun as being the victim of a real-life car-jacking. Holding its hands up in apology, developers Rockstar will be offering all those affected $500, virtual, in-game cash, of course.

To prevent the game's virtual economy from getting skewed by an influx of half-millionaires, Rockstar will be issuing the payments in two $250,000 instalments  one landing as early as next week, the other later this month. Perhaps more importantly, that first wad of cash will be accompanied by a new patch for the game, which should iron out the online mode's many wrinkles. [Rockstar]