How Do You Use a Tablet Comfortably?

By Lily Newman on at

It might sound like a very 2010 question, but the other day I was at a coffee shop and watched someone with a Nexus 7 struggle to get comfortable in an over-stuffed armchair for more than an hour.

He was catching up on The Newsroom and kept shifting from having both legs over one arm of the chair, to sitting straight, to resting the tablet on the arm, to resting the tablet on his arm, to leaning back and holding the tablet up. He went around and around. I realised that I do the same thing when I use tablets, even if they're really light. After awhile I just get sick of holding my arm up, but then when I rest the tablet on my knees it slips down. Do you use a stand or a case, or have you perfected the pillow lean? Share your balancing act below.

Image credit: Shutterstock/gpointstudio