How Much Do You Care When Things Start Getting Ads?

By Casey Chan on at

Instagram is getting ads! Tumblr already got 'em. Snapchat probably will. Ads are starting to appear in the Android Gmail app too. Basically, anything and everything you use will eventually have ads on them. That's how the world spins. And that's something you have to deal with. So how much do you care when things you use start getting ads?

TV commercials. Pages of ads in magazines. Pop-up ads. Banner ads. That annoying ad that takes over the whole website for like 5 seconds. YouTube ads. Facebook ads. Sponsored Tweets. And whatever comes next. Which ads do you hate the most? Which are you completely fine with? What's the difference?

We can all agree that the worst ads are the 30 second video ads you have to watch before a 10 second video clip.

Image Credit: Everett Collection/Shutterstock