HTC to Get a Lenovo-Shaped Lifeline, With Buyout Rumoured

By Gerald Lynch on at

HTC is in trouble, there's no denying that, with the company posting its first ever quarterly loss last week despite being heaped with praise for the HTC One handset. But there's hope yet for HTC's survival, with Chinese computing giants Lenovo eyeing up a potential buyout.

That's the rumour currently churning in the mill, with the two companies said to have been in talks since August with the intention of finalising the deal in the first half of 2014. And though Lenovo is best known for its ThinkPad laptops here in the UK (the product of the similar acquisition from IBM), it'd make a good home for HTC, with Lenovo one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in its native China. With HTC practically a household name in the West, Lenovo could use the connection to get some more of its own-branded devices on Western smartphone lovers' radars too. [AppleDaily Taiwan via Android Beat via Phone Arena]