Intel Broadwell Chips Delayed Until Early 2014

By Gerald Lynch on at

Intel's Broadwell chips, in terms of raw performance and power efficiency, are one of the few computing component upgrades genuinely worth getting excited about at the moment. Potentially eking a good few more hours out of a laptop battery at the same performance levels as Haswell chips (or even better), your charger might have to get on the dole queue. However, a production difficulty is pushing the chip's launch back a few months to early 2014.

Brian Krzanich, Intel's CEO, explained that a "defect density issue" has been causing the delays. Which in effect translates to too many of the chips off the production line not working properly. Thankfully, the issue is now said to have been sorted, so mass production and that January/March 2014 launch window should be safe. [TechRadar]

Image Credit: Intel microprocessor facility from