Intel Is About to Start Making ARM Chips

By Jamie Condliffe on at

It at first you don't succeed, join forces with people that do things better than you. At least, that's what Intel is doing, as it starts producing ARM chips at its fabrication plants.

Forbes reports that Intel partner Altera has announced that the chip manufacturer will start making ARM’s 64-bit silicon at its foundries next year. Intel's mobile processor business has been struggling for some time, so this comes as a bit of shock—as it doesn't fit so neatly with the ideas of Intel trying to break ARM's supremacy.

There's also speculation that Intel is planning to compete with semiconductor foundry leader TSMC for the business of some of its most fierce rivals, like Nvidia and Qualcomm. Essentially, it seems to be planning to work for whoever's willing to pay, competition be damned. Whatever helps you through it, Intel. [Forbes]