Is Sony Right to Demand Beyond: Two Souls' Nude Shots of (Not Actually) Ellen Page be Taken Offline?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Phone hacking celebrities to get hold of their saucy sexting pics (as any followers of the Giz "Related Posts" banner will know) is not all that unusual these days. But as Ellen Page, star of PS3 game Beyond: Two Souls, is finding out, the world of game-hacking for nudes is even weirder.

Page's likeness is uncannily used in the PS3 QTE-a-thon, which looks to blur the lines between game and blockbuster Hollywood production. Page, along with co-star Willem Dafoe, had their faces and movements mapped for the game in minute detail, leading to near photo-real graphical results.

It's a game aimed at adults, and as, such contains a fair helping of violence and even the odd bit of nudity. One scene sees Page's character taking a shower, but the fixed camera angle of the sequence keeps her modesty intact.

However, those playing on a PS3 debug console (usually the reserve of developers or game reviewers) have found that, with a bit of tinkering, they can place the camera wherever they choose, getting some full-frontal screenshots of Page's polygonal boobs in the process.

Except that's not actually Page. I mean, obviously it isn't -- it's a digital recreation of her likeness in the first place. But according to Sony, that scene was motion-captured with a body double. Which makes Sony's inevitable take-down request, issued to Cinema Blend, all the stranger. It's asking for in-game screengrabs of (not-actually) Ellen Page in digital form to be removed.

Is that an over-the-top response, given the circumstances? While the hacked camera angles may misrepresent the game, are the images themselves that damaging? Will there truly be anyone out there getting their rocks off to fake-digital-Ellen Page? [Gamespot]