IsoHunt the Latest Piracy-Enablers to Be Shut Down With £68m Fine

By Gerald Lynch on at

IsoHunt is the latest in a growing list of go-to sites for pirates to be shut down by the courts. Following a seven-year court battle the torrent directory will close, with its owners struck by a $110 million (£68m) fine by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Owned by Canadian Gary Fung, IsoHunt began as a "programming hobby" before growing into one of the most popular torrent directories on the web. The fact that the site only ever acted as a directory, rather than hosting the illegal files, made up the crux of Fung's defence. But that wasn't enough to sway the courts. With $110m being such an incredible figure, the court documents concede that the MPAA will be lucky if it receives as much as $4 million.

"It sends a strong message that those who build businesses around encouraging, enabling, and helping others to commit copyright infringement are themselves infringers, and will be held accountable for their illegal actions," said MPAA chairman Mr Dodd.

Considering recent research that suggests the most pirated films on a weekly basis aren't available legally online anyway, maybe the MPAA needs to start looking at its own industry's practices in the future, alongside chasing the pirates. [IsoHunt, BBC]