iWatch Could Lead to Home Automation Apple Products

By Gerald Lynch on at

Even at this early stage of the bourgeoning smartwatch market, we think we can pretty much second guess what any connected wrist watch will offer, from health tracking apps to phone companion features. Apple's oft-touted iWatch could be a very different beast however, potentially acting as the catalyst for a whole bunch of Apple home automation products.

A new research note by Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White sent to MacRumors suggests that the iWatch will let you control appliances around your house, as well as offering the de rigueur health sensors, apps and phone controls.

"As an Apple supplier, our contact offered insight into the “iWatch” and described this potential new device as much more than an extension of your iPhone but as a multi-purpose gateway in allowing consumers to control their home (i.e., heating/cooling, lights, audio, video, etc.)."

What's most interesting is the implication that, unless Apple sign off on a partnership agreement with the major home automation firms like Nest, or get cosy with the Philips Hue team, they're going to have to start making accessories to go with the feature. Anyone fancy an Apple heating system?

It sounds a bit outlandish, so can White be trusted? In the past his predictions have been bang on the money with the iPhone 5C's multiple colour options, but then again he's also suggested we'd all be watching an Apple iTV by now. One to watch then, but not without some trepidation. It certainly would set the iWatch apart from the lacklustre Galaxy Gear effort from Samsung. [MacRumors]