Japanese Network Next to Make You Look Like an Idiot With "Intelligent Glasses"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest bit of head-mounted tech to emerge is coming via Japanese mobile network NTT Docomo, which is demonstrating an augmented reality system with the power to translate menus live. Shame it makes you look demented by appearing to have a webcam taped to your head, though.

NTT Docomo's tech claims to be able to translate Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, overlaying your language atop the unfamiliar words, plus it also uses smartphone-like AR tricks to convert everyday objects into touchscreen interfaces, projecting buttons onto pieces of paper. It appears NTT Docomo is working with existing headset manufacturer Vuzix to build the tech, as the clunky version of the VR headset it's demonstrating at the Createc tech event features Vuzix branding.

There's apparently a five-second delay while it pings the servers for the translation when performing word look-ups though, so there's still some way to go before it reaches universal translator status. The network is planning for a launch in 2020, to help visiting sports fans bumble their way around the sites of the Tokyo Olympics. [NTT Docomo via BBC]