Late Night Fish Sex Sessions May be the Cause of Mysterious South Coast Hum

By Gary Cutlack on at

Residents in and around the Hampshire town of Hythe have been baffled by a mystery humming sound, which kicks off at around 10.00pm every evening and continues through the night. Experts believe it may be caused by the sound of a certain species of fish preparing itself for a night of lovemaking.

Apparently the male Midshipman fish emits a sort of repetitive droning sound to attract females, a bit like an aquatic version of Justin Bieber. If a mass of the fish gather, they make louder and louder noises in an attempt to drown out their rivals and win over the easily-impressed females of the species. Which could explain why the people of Hythe are all going mad and thinking there's something wrong with their fridges. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Wikipedia