"Law of Urination" Is a Real Thing, Says Science

By Chris Mills on at

Here's a cool bit of brand-spanking-new trivia for you: all mammals, regardless of size, take about 21 seconds to pee. That's right: it takes you about the same amount of time to to wee-wee as it does an elephant. Why? Because evolution.

According to a paper published by Patricia Yang and her colleagues of Cornell University, it's to do with mammals using the quickest and most efficient way possible to get rid of fluids from the body. If you want to get all technical about it, it's because "the increasing urethra length [that's the pee-tube] of large animals which amplifies gravitational force and flow rate".

But really, all you need to know is this: in the process of working out the answer to this rather excellent pub quiz question, Ms Yang and co made the above rather fantastic YouTube video, which can only be described as a collection of slow-motion animal pissing videos set to cheesy stock elevator music. There is no way in which this will not spawn a thousand new memes. [Cornell via io9]

Image credit: Dog peeing from Shutterstock