LG G Flex Curved Smartphone Is Official and Can Heal Itself...

By Gerald Lynch on at

Samsung's Galaxy Round curved phone was strange enough, but at least its contours made for a phone that would hug your leg more comfortably in a tight trouser pocket. LG's newly officially confirmed LG G Flex however leaves me scratching my head.

With a 6-inch display, it curves top to bottom rather than from side to side like the Round does, so unless you've got legs the size of tree trunks and prefer the somewhat unorthodox method of storing your phone horizontally in your pocket, I can see zero benefit to the curved 720p screen in use here.

Still, internally it sounds like a decent enough phone, being powered by a 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 quad core processor, backed by 2GB of RAM and housing a 3,500mAh battery. A 13MP camera sits on the rear, with the back casing using an interesting coating which LG claims is "self-healing", fixing any hairline scratches that occur on the phone independently.

No word yet on a proper roll out for the G Flex, or any pricing, so don't be surprised if the handset steers clear of shops altogether. It's more likely that this is a proof of concept limited run, one that proves LG can keep up with Samsung when it comes to innovative screen technologies.