LG G Pro Dual Lite Is Generous on Screen Size, Stingy on Specs

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're going to insist on buying an oversized smartphone (or, eugh, "phablet" if you prefer) then the one you choose had best be capable enough to replace at least one other device in your rucksack. The Galaxy Note 3 could probably manage that task, as could the Xperia Z Ultra. LG's latest effort, the LG G Pro Dual Lite almost certainly won't. It may be big, but it sure aint powerful.

Measuring 5.5-inches diagonally, and sharing its looks with the Optimus G Pro, it's stretching a lowly resolution of 540 x 960 pixels across its IPS display, and is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor backed by 1GB of RAM. An 8MP camera sits on the rear, while a 3,140mAh battery (given the relatively untaxing specs elsewhere) should see out a day's worth of moderate usage. It's even a step behind on the Android stakes, set to launch with the now-superseded Android 4.1.2 build of Google's OS. "Lite" by name and by nature then.

But at least it'll be cheap! Hitting Russia in October (news on a full European roll-out is expected shortly -- we'll update with UK-specific availability details and handset images as they come in) it'll cost 12,990 Rubles, or roughly £250 if directly converted. [Hi-Tech Mail via Unwired View]