"Living Wallet" Does a Runner When You're On a Spending Spree

By Gerald Lynch on at

It isn't easy to go on a shopping splurge these days, what with the cost of living rising and wages staying pretty much static. But what if, when the disastrous urge to indulge in some retail therapy did take you, your hungry little wallet started crying out for help, wriggling to escape your wasteful ways?

That's the concept behind the Living Wallet, helping those looking to economise by literally keeping their money-bags out of arms reach.

Pairing up with the Zaim bookkeeping app, it can be set to two modes - Save Mode (which uses sensors and a small set of wheels to make the wallet dart away from your grasp as you approach it, creepily screaming "No! Don't touch me! Help!" and calling your Mum if you manage to get it open) and Consumption Mode, where it encourages you to spend, spend, spend, shouting out the names of popular products on Amazon.

No idea how much the concept will cost if and when it makes it to market, though even the Living Wallet would probably consider itself an unnecessary expense. [Mashable]