London's "Racist Van" Campaign Banned by Ad Watchdog

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government's controversial Bugger Off Van and its threatening poster message has been banned, not because of its unsavoury nature, but because people complained about the accuracy of the stats it carried.

The Advertising Standards Authority found that people might be misled by the poster's claim of "106 arrests last week in your area," due to it being a bit vague and hiding the actual areas it referred to in the small print at the bottom of the rolling campaign vehicle. The ASA explained it like this:

"Because the data on which the claim was based related to a significant part of London north of the Thames rather than to the specific areas in which the poster was displayed, and because the data did not relate to the week prior to the campaign, we concluded the claim was misleading and had not been substantiated."

So the racist van is rather ironically being sent back to where it came from. [ASA via Metro]