Man Supposedly Bins £300k in Gold to Spite Ex-Wife

By Gary Cutlack on at

Angry American man Earl Ray Jones claims to have converted $500,000 of his life savings into solid gold and then binned the lot, in an effort to stop his wife getting anything out of him in their future divorce settlement. Remember to burn your house down too, Earl, and have the pets and children put to sleep.

The news comes via local US paper The Gazette, which quotes a divorce lawyer working on the case. When asked if he really chucked £300k worth of solid gold into local bins to be taken away and dumped in a landfill site, Jones is said to have responded with "Damn right I did." His plan was to withdraw it all in cash, but the bank wouldn't let him, with Jones complaining: "If that would have been an option, I would have been walking around giving people $100 bills."

That's the only funny bit of the story. The rest of Jones' case involves him being charged with beating his wife so badly she's currently unable to work, so he's probably mad enough to have actually gone through with binning the gold. [The Gazette via Gawker]