Man Discovers Giant Monopoly Board Hidden Under His Carpet

By Gerald Lynch on at

What's the best thing you've ever found when cleaning up your house? I found a long-lost fiver down the arm of the sofa the other day, which I was able to retrieve after some careful biscuit-crumb archaeological work. But a man-sized Monopoly board? That's something else.

Reddit user Nnewel made the discovery when re-decorating his home. Pulling up an old carpet, he found a reproduction of the popular board game hidden away, hand-painted onto the floorboards. Though road and station names are missing, it's otherwise a meticulous replica of the game, with accurate colours and famous squares such as Free Parking and Go To Jail, hidden away for many years.

I think finding a Monopoly board is actually quite fun! It's an iconic design, and, regardless of the mystery behind the artist who originally painted it and why they did so, it makes for quite interesting and unique flooring. It could be worse; what if he'd pulled up the carpet and found a Cluedo recreation, complete with full-sized, bloodied candlestick? [Reddit]