Manchester Cops Seize 3D Printed Gun in Mass Organised Crime Bust

By Gary Cutlack on at

A possibly dangerous Liberator 3D printed gun has been found by police as part of a larger drugs bust around the country, with Manchester cops finding components that could make a "viable gun" in a house in Baguley. 

Greater Manchester Police released an image of the 3D printer they believe was used to make the improvised shooter, plus, in a slightly bizarre twist on the DIY gun scene, a man was arrested on suspicion of "making gunpowder" to use in the plastic weapon.

Forensic teams are examining the printed parts, which include a clip and a trigger, to see if they would actually fire. And if the sum of the parts work, the maker's presumably going to find himself in even more trouble.

Detective Inspector Chris Mossop said: "If what we have seized is proven to be viable components capable of constructing a genuine firearm, then it demonstrates that organised crime groups are acquiring technology that can be bought on the high street to produce the next generation of weapons. In theory, the technology essentially allows offenders to produce their own guns in the privacy of their own home, which they can then supply to the criminal gangs who are causing such misery in our communities." [GMP via The Verge]