Mavericks May Be Mucking Up Haswell-Powered MacBook Pro Retina Models

By Gerald Lynch on at

Mavericks may be the superlative version of Apple's desktop operating system, and the Haswell-equipped Retina MacBook Pro computers may be (in my opinion) the best hardware the Cupertino company makes, but it seems the two just aren't getting along.

Reports are flooding in that the recent operating system update is playing havoc with Apple's premium laptop line. A 17-page thread on the official Apple customer forums sees some owners of the recently-released machines complaining of full-system lock-ups, or intermittent incidents of screen and keyboard freezes. Those looking to Bootcamp Windows 8.1 onto a partition are having similarly mixed results. It's the second wave of negative press to hit the MacBook line recently, with Apple having to face disgruntled customers whose MacBook Air's had fallen foul of a batch of dodgy SSDs. [TechRadar]