"Moto G" -- Could This Be the Name for the Google Smartwatch?

By Chris Mills on at

The Google smartwatch -- awaited with almost as much breath-baiting as the rumoured iWatch -- might've just got a name, thanks to Motorola, Google's hardware division, registering the trademark "Moto G".

Image credit: Phone Arena

Sadly, there's very little by way of real information to ride on at the moment. All we actually know is:

- Motorola's definitely registered the trademark 'Moto G'
- Google also starts with the letter 'G'

However, this is the internet, so that's enough to start speculating about what the Moto G will be (if not just an elaborate prank by some Google lawyer somewhere). The smartwatch idea sorta-kinda makes sense, as the rumoured name for the Google smartwatch is the 'Google Gem' -- see, Gem, G, Moto G?

The other two options both relate to new handsets. One idea is that the Moto G will be the Google Edition of the Moto X.  I don't personally think that's likely, as previous Google Editions have literally been called 'Google Edition'; also, the Moto X is almost entirely stock Android anyway, and this would be terrible timing to release a Google Edition, with the Nexus 5 on the horizon.

The second idea is that Motorola, a phone manufacturer, is planning on releasing *gasp*, a new phone. This would make sense, as 'Moto G' is a logical follow-up to the Moto X -- same naming convention and everything. Who knows, it might even be a bigger (Grander?) version of the Moto X -- phablet remixes are certainly in vogue at the moment. [PhoneArena via TechRadar]