Nearly Two-Thirds of the UK's Three-Years-Olds Have a Tablet as a Toy

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats into the reach of the tablet show that the parents of the nation are happy to use them to amuse, entertain or simply sedate a toddler, with 61 per cent of all three-year-olds now having access to a tablet on a regular basis.

Further down the age range, some 38 per cent of two-year-olds are said to have access to a parent's tablet for around one hour a week of learning or video-watching fun, with four per cent of two-year-olds and eight per cent of three-year-olds actually having their very own tablet to play with.

The stats come from survey-taker OnePoll, which found that one third of parents said their toddlers were better at using the devices than the adults of the house, with 21 per cent of mums and dads saying they've even been specifically asked by a school or playgroup to buy their kids a tablet to help with their learning. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Child on a tablet from Shutterstock