Next-Gen Google Glass Already Planned For 2014, and This Time It Will Be Cool

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google Glass -- it's Robocop, it's The Terminator, it's every sci-fi dream we've ever had, right? At least it should be: Glass may be causing nerdgasms all over Google Campus, but to Joe Bloggs it's the dorkiest looking gadget ever. Thankfully, Google is working on it.

With the first-generation still only available in a limited capacity to developers and a handful of early adopters, Google is already lining up the second generation version, primed for release in 2014. And this re-worked consumer-friendly model is promised to look way, way cooler.

“If we use the automobile analogy, we believe this would be the Model T. It’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, it’s cool,” said Dr Mary Lou Jepsen, head of Google’s [x] labs display division.

“You become addicted to the speed of it, and it lets you do more - fast and easily.”

Jepsen added that the Google Glass team is “maybe sleeping three hours a night to bring the technology forward”. Claims that such sleeping patterns are an unexpected side effect of having a PC strapped to your head all day are as-yet unsubstantiated...[MIT Technology Review]