Nexus 5 Tipped For Late October, Matching the iPhone 5S' Specs at Half the Price

By Gerald Lynch on at

Looking to prove that its "don't be evil" mantra still holds weight, Google is looking to put out its supercharged Nexus 5 handset by the end of October for around just £275 -- half the price of Apple's iPhone 5S.

That's according to a source "familiar with Google" speaking to TechRadar, who also claimed that the Google-designed handset would match the iPhone 5S practically spec-for-spec, despite the cheaper price tag.

What the source doesn't clarify is exactly on what terms Google plan to do that. Will the Nexus 5 too be packing in a 64-bit processor? Or perhaps its own answer to Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor? As a showcase for the Android platform, they're exactly the sort of headlining bells and whistles Google will be looking to include. Here's hoping they've balanced out the subsidised price comfortably enough this time to deliver more than the paltry levels of stock the Nexus 4 launched with though. [TechRadar]