Nine Lost Doctor Who Episodes Discovered in Nigeria -- Remastered Versions Now on iTunes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The have-they-haven't-they saga of the BBC and the Doctor Who discovery has been solved today, with the corporation revealing that nine previously lost episodes have been rescued from a station archive in Nigeria.

The discovery found four episodes from Patrick Troughton serial The Web of Fear, meaning the presumed-lost six-parter is now only missing one chapter. Five episodes from Troughton-era storyline The Enemy of the World were also uncovered by TV archive researcher Philip Morris, who tracked them to a Nigerian relay station by analysing shipping records.

In a modern twist that's annoying quite a few Who fans, the BBC Worldwide commercial wing of the corporation released the episodes exclusively on iTunes last night. A lot of Doctor Who fans are getting on a bit and don't trust modern technology and therefore don't have iTunes, so that decision's not gone down too well with the faithful, who are being asked to pay £9.99 for The Web of Fear via Apple's web store.

Hopefully the BBC will whack it out on VHS and Betamax for the old-timers some point next year. [BBC America]