Nintendo Launches Online UK Store That No One Will Use

By Jack Tomlin on at

Nintendo has launched a new official website selling directly to the UK market in a bid to boost its sales moving towards the Christmas season, one in which it faces stiff competition from Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

The site stocks the newest of the Nintendo consoles -- the Wii U, the 3DS family and the Wii mini – as well as games for those consoles alongside many gift ideas including console bundles and special edition box-sets, such as this limited edition Zelda guide collection.

They also offer free next-day delivery on orders over £200, perhaps the biggest draw for cash-strapped, impatient gamers. There are some products exclusive to the site too, such as Pokémon themed 3DS consoles and the promise of more exclusive offers to come. But, with Amazon and Play offering a menagerie of goods alongside practically all the Nintendo stuff listed here, you have to wonder how many people will bother using it. [Nintendo]