Nokia: Design, 4G and the Camera are Why You Should Buy the Lumia 2520 Over the Surface

By Kat Hannaford on at

It's an odd one, Nokia releasing a similarly-specced tablet so soon after the company that's in the process of buying it, Microsoft, released two updated tablets of its own, the rather-terribly-reviewed Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Naturally these products take years to develop, but if you ask Nokia why you should buy its 2520 over the Surface tablets, they've got a few answers for you.

Speaking to Nokia's Executive Vice President in charge of Smart Devices Jo Harlow, today at Nokia World, Harlow pointed at LTE 4G being one of the first differentiators between the two devices (LTE comes as standard in the Lumia 2520).

But naturally, it's not just connectivity which has Nokia so sure of its own tablet: "investment in camera and imaging capabilities -- they have a camera too, but..." Harlow trailed off on the subject of Microsoft's tablets' cameras, 5MP floozies which we stated "aren't exactly fantastic, but not a muddy mess either" in our review yesterday. While megapixels are no thing to base a camera on, Nokia's Lumia 2520 makes full use of a 6.7MP sensor with Carl Zeiss lens, but as Harlow points out, they "have invested in camera technology here," referring to the entire Lumia range. (If you ever used the Lumia 720 phone, it's the same components as in the 2520.)

On the subject of perhaps one day adding PureView technology to a Lumia tablet, Harlow admitted that while photo-snapping on a tablet is tiresome for those around the perpetrator, people are doing so "in ever growing numbers, so we do think that's something we have the opportunity to leverage on thanks to our investment in smartphone camera technology."

As for further differences between the Surface range of tablets and the Lumia 2520, Harlow said (in reference to other tablets) that "there is an emerging traditional design for tablets, but we chose to stick to the Lumia design language for the 2520," which is pretty obvious to anyone who's seen even a single image of today's announcement to see.