Nokia Patent Win Could Send the HTC One Back to the Drawing Board

By Gerald Lynch on at

The ugly world of the tech patent wars is on the cusp of claiming another scalp today, after a significant patent victory for Nokia has resulted in the need for a redesign of the HTC One.

Thankfully, the patent in question only relates to internal radio transmission components, so the HTC One's lush external design should survive unscathed. However, unless HTC and chip manufacturer Qualcomm can sort out the phone's internals it (along with older HTC devices the Radar 4G and Flyer tablet) could face a US sales ban -- the last thing struggling HTC need.

It's the second time Nokia have got one over the HTC flagship, with the Taiwanese phone makers having to rework the microphone unit to avoid a potential European ban earlier this year. Nokia has said that it is "pleased" that "the initial determination of the ITC confirmed that HTC has infringed two of [its] patents," and, presumably, that it has managed to cause another serious headache for one of its competitors. [The Inquirer]