O2's 4G PAYG Plans Get Better Over Time, Like a Vintage Wine

By Gerald Lynch on at

EE may be celebrating its first birthday this week, but O2 is out to spoil the party. Hot on the heels of EE's 4G PAYG announcements, O2 has now revealed its own commitment-free super-fast pay as you go pricing.

Starting at £15 a month, the O2 "4G Pay & Go Go Go" deal initially bags you 500MB of data, 75 inclusive minutes and 500 texts. Stay on the plan for three months and all that doubles to 1GB of data, 150 minutes and 1000 texts. Six months and those texts go unlimited. If you've been an existing customer of O2's for longer than three months, you'll instantly get the boosted allowances. As for bolt-ons, an extra 1GB of data is a tenner, while smaller bundles of 100MB and 500MB cost £3 and £6 respectively, recurring monthly.

So how's that stack up against EE's offering, the only other network offering 4G PAYG plans at the moment? A 30 day bundle of data costs £3 for 100MB, £6 for 500MB, £10 for 1GB, £15 for 2GB, £20 for 4GB, and £30 for 10GB. PAYG customers will receive 10GB of free data to use in 90 days, and in 2014, they’ll be awarded 2,014 free minutes. It's a pretty close call then -- stick with O2's PAYG over time and you'll reap the benefits, while EE offers more bang-for-the-buck from the get-go.