Original Grand Theft Auto Getting a 3D Remake

By Gerald Lynch on at

We could soon be getting a whole new perspective on the crime-fuelled insanity of the first ever Grand Theft Auto game, as one of the original developers has taken it upon himself to remake the game in 3D. Photo-real it ain't, but a fun blast from the past it sure could be.

Michael Dailly, the game's original creator, is shifting the 1997 original game from its top-down perspective to a viewpoint that gamers who only became familiar with the series after first 3D entry Grand Theft Auto 3 would feel comfortable with.

Dailly now works at YoYo Games, the team behind the GameMaker: Studio development tool, which he's used to put the 3D remake together. Sprucing up the original's low-res textures, it sounds like it's proving a surprisingly easy endeavour - despite the top-down viewpoint,  much of the original game world was actually created in 3D, with the fixed perspective giving the game its 2D feel.

As for the chance of a full release, it's currently looking unlikely. Rockstar still owns the rights to the original game, so the remake's recognisable textures could land Dailly in hot water. The developer however has promised to release "something" in the future though -- likely the source code from which tinkerers can build their own version of the game. [Metro]