OS X Mavericks Will Land Today, For Free

By Chris Mills on at

Apple announced the latest version of its OS X desktop operating system way back in June, but it's taken a few long months of beta-testing and Top Gun jokes for it to touch down. All that's about to change, with OS X Mavericks available for free, today.

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Mavericks brings no iOS 7-style sweeping changes, but instead is more of a series of tweaks -- a bug fix you actually pay for. The biggest feature is one that OS X users have been clamouring for for years -- half-decent multi-monitor support, allowing you to use an app full-screen one one screen, but still actually do stuff with the other.

Further changes include more feature-rich notifications, some subtle tweaks to the power management system to eke a few more hours out, and some visual changes to slowly rid skeuomorphism from the system. For more details, check out our hands-on.