Poor Aunty Beeb Can't Win, as Red-Faced Royalists Complain About Lack of Christening Coverage

By Chris Mills on at

The BBC came under fire today after it apparently didn't spend long enough covering the baptism of the world's youngest celebrity. The viewers of the six and ten o'clock news only got two minutes of the young Prince's face on telly -- barely enough time to coo appreciatively and sing the national anthem.

A particular bug-bear of some outraged viewers was that false widow spiders, the Daily Mail's latest scare-story poisonous arachnaid that's going to take over the country, got more prominence than the baptism. Indeed, Andrew Rosindell, an MP for guess which party, said "an event such as that should have been given greater prominence. People will be very surprised to see that it was an ‘and finally’ item bearing in mind that it is a slot usually reserved for non-serious items". [Metro]