Pure Contour i1 Air Dock Offers the Apple Holy Trinity: AirPlay, 30-pin and Lightning

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've got a click-wheel 30-pin iPod housing your complete Bob Seger collection sat next to a brand-spanking new, Lightning connection-equipped iPhone 5S fit to burst with dub-step playlists. Is there not a single speaker dock to blare out the disperate treasures tucked away within each? Yes there is, and it's called the Pure Contour i1 Air.

The Brit-built speaker offers up both a 30-pin charging connection and Apple's newer Lightning connection, as well as wireless AirPlay streaming. The curvy dock also boasts 20W RMS output, alongside built in Wi-Fi for easy AirPlay set-up. That docking port sitting around the front revolves too, letting you tuck away the protrusions when not in use.

As well as the speaker, Pure are also pushing their own wireless streaming services, looking to rival the likes of Spotify. Users can download the Pure Connect app, and then chose from one of three coloured tiers: Green offers live radio, catch up and on-demand programming and podcasts absolutely free, Blue costs £4.99 a month and lets you stream millions of tracks online, while Violet lets you take those tracks with you offline for £9.99 a month.

In stores now, you can pick the speaker up for £179.99.

Watch our mates at MacFormat put the speaker through its paces in the video below: