Radiation-Proof Underwear Should Be On Every Survivalist's Christmas Wish-List

By Gerald Lynch on at

Radiation poisoning is serious, life-ending stuff, and it's a danger that looms ominously over the clean-up crews at the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster site. It can be pretty brutal. So, naturally, people are looking to protect their sensitive, private parts.

Japanese swimwear company Yamamoto Corporation have come to the rescue, with a radiation-proof clothing range that includes both swimsuits and underwear. Made of rubberised kneaded carbon, the items can block just short of 100 per cent of the harmful beta rays that can lead to illness and, ultimately, cancer.

Such protection doesn't come cheap though, with the wetsuit priced around £665 and the underwear at £510. A small price to pay to protect yourself from potentially fatal radiation exposure though.

But hang on -- wasn't it radiation that made Godzilla so damn big? Maybe a couple of beta ray blasts downstairs wouldn't go a miss. [Kotaku]