Radio 1 Busting Out its Video Clips into Standalone iPlayer Channel

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is giving Radio 1 its own exclusive iPlayer channel, in the hope that seeing Fearne Cotton interviewing the main one out of Haim might be the sort of thing its listeners would like to watch.

The Radio 1 iPlayer channel will feature "exclusive performances and interviews" recorded by DJs along with coverage of the odd live event, making it something akin to a 'red button' for the radio. The station already releases plenty of video clips on its own web site, but the increased visibility that'll come from a proper channel on iPlayer is a much bigger deal.

Radio 1's been doing well enough for itself without the iPlayer push, though, as the BBC says that DJ Greg James’s "spoof video" of Wrecking Ball currently has around 2.8 million views. We bet that's a funny one. [BBC]