Red Bull's F1 Team Uses X-Rays and Ultrasound to Make Sure Cars Aren't Lightning-Fast Deathtraps

By Gerald Lynch on at

When hitting speeds of 200mph is as easy as breathing on the accelerator pedal, the last thing you want is your Formula One ride to freak out due to a mechanical error. You're talking millions upon millions of pounds worth of investment at stake were a crash to occur, not to mention the lives of some of the most talented drivers on the planet.

Showing just how important they consider the structural integrity of their insanely-fast car line-up, Red Bull's F1 team describe the lengths they go to in order to make sure each vehicle is in tip-top condition before each race. This isn't just a matter of tightening screws -- to compete with the best, each car undergoes vigourous X-ray and ultrasound testing before hitting the track. [Jalopnik]