Red Cross Says Video Game Killers Should Stick to the Rules of War

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Red Cross has suggested that developers ought to rethink their Call of the Warfield video game shooter franchises, claiming it would be better and more respectful for everyone if games followed the actual conventions observed in combat. So no gunning down villages just because you can.

The quotes come from Red Cross man Bernard Barrett, who said: "We’re not asking for censorship, we don’t want to take any elements out of the games. We’re not trying to make games boring or preachy. We just want games to respect the basic rules of armed conflict and include penalties for gamers who commit war crimes."

Barrett added that: "...you should not have to perform something that is illegal to continue and move on in the game," as it'll only encourage teenagers to go gassing entire villages for fun when they're older. [Metro]