Apple Scrimping on the Retina Display for iPad Mini 2?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Alongside Google's Nexus 7 v2, the iPad Mini is, in many respects, the perfect tablet. It's light, it's well built, it's got a tonne of great apps and, for an Apple product, it's relatively affordable. But Apple went cheap on us with the display, holding back the high-res Retina. Those who held off on a purchase of the first-gen miniature slate for that very reason, look away now -- it seems Apple is about to do the same again with the iPad Mini 2.

Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White is the guy with the inside line here, believing the iPad Mini 2 to be a mere stop-gap product, with its only significant upgrade being a processor boost. As to why Apple are reportedly making this decision, the jury is out -- supply chain shortages earlier in the year may still be affecting high-resolution panel shipments. Or it may simply be a case of Apple not wanting to completely overshadow the full-size iPad 5, with many commentators now considering it to be the inferior form factor when placed up against the Mini. [BGR via TechRadar]