Report: The Next Fitbit Will Also Be a Watch

By Leslie Horn on at

The Verge has obtained some purported information on the next Fitbit fitness tracker. The follow-up to the Flex supposedly called the Force will apparently work as an actual watch this time around.

Additionally, the arm band will be partially water-resistant, have a physical button that lets you scroll through features, and have an altimeter to measure your altitude. The altimeter will also reportedly have the ability to use the altitude info to tell you how many floors you've climbed each day.

On top of that, the next Fitbit looks like it will have will have a display that's more extensive than just a few dots; it will reportedly be able to tell you the time and some fitness data (like the number of steps you've ascended.) The device will reportedly come in black and blue color options, as well as a small and a large size. The Verge says the Force will possibly be $130 (£80), which is $30 (£18) more than the Flex.

We're reaching out to Fitbit for more information, and we'll update when we hear back, but it would make sense not just because it's logical, but also because one of the biggest knocks against Fitbit and most activity trackers now is that they don't give a lot of immediate feedback. This would be a small but important step in the right direction. [The Verge]