Retina iPad Mini? Pah! What About a 12-inch 4K Tablet?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Retina display iPad Minis? Meh, I'm over 'em. Let's think bigger. Let's think more pixels. Let's look at the possibility of a totally excessive 12-inch, 4K tablet from Japan Display.

The Japan Display conglomerate (which includes divisions from Sony, Toshiba and Hitatchi) have managed to squeeze 3,840 x 2,160 into a 12.1 inch TFT touchscreen display, resulting in a 365 ppi density despite the extra screen real estate. Even when pushing all those pixels, Japan Display claims battery efficiency remains solid, with a reasonably wide 160-degree viewing angle. Still a prototype, Japan Display has yet to share which operating system it could be paired with, or which of the consumer-facing trio could bring it to market.

While, in all honesty, a consumer model of this size may prove a hard sell (it's all about the 7-inchers these days), there's potential for a super-high resolution tablet to be of great use to educational institutions and the healthcare sector. [Japan Display via Engadget]