Rumour: Galaxy S5 Won't Be a Metal-Bodied Masterpiece After All

By Chris Mills on at

Given that we're potentially only a few months away from yet another Samsung Galaxy launch, the rumours are starting to flow thick and fast. This time around, rumour site GalaxyS5Info is claiming that the S5 will feature the same faux-leather design as the recently-released Note 3.

Citing "exclusive information from sources close to Samsung", the post suggests that, despite previous rumours to the contrary, the Galaxy S5 won't be metal-bodied. Instead, it'll take the well-received faux-leather and plastic design from the Note 3 and put it through the Samsung photocopier on about 70 per cent.

However, the post goes on to suggest that Samsung will be releasing a premium metal-bodied phone next year, in the form of a 'Galaxy F' phone. This isn't the first time Galaxy F rumours have popped up, although they continue to make not a lot of sense -- Samsung already pushes the limit of how many phones you can physically release in one year, and yet another line of handsets just seems absurd.

As ever, then, this rumour should be taken with several hefty fistfuls of salt -- but it's entirely possible. Samsung is famous for re-using design concepts across its different product ranges, and with the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 potentially being launched within months of each other, the faux-leather approach is one way Sammy can up the feelgood factor of their phones without adding the extra cost and inconvenience of a pretty metal case. [SamsungS5Info via SamMobile via BGR]

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