Nexus 5 Hits Google Play Store Early, Complete With First Official Images

By Eric Limer on at

Another day, another set of Nexus 5 leaks. This time one of 'ems a a biggie though -- as well as the first set of official Nexus 5 images, it seems as though Google has popped the phone up online early itself. Doh!

Google's worst kept secret and possibly best upcoming Android phone revealed itself in the most official way possible, turning up on the actual Google Play Store.

That's right, the Nexus 5 is listed as "starting at $349" (around £215 if you convert directly and ignore taxes and UK price jumps) for the 16GB version and looks exactly like how we expected it to look like. One thing though: even though you can see the Nexus 5 on the store page, you can't actually buy it yet. The store link doesn't go anywhere.

Here's a closer press shot of the Nexus 5:

The Nexus 5 Accidentally Pops Up Early on Google Play for $350

The other official pictures look like they come from Teleus, a Canadian network, and they're consistent with the images we've already seen of the Nexus 5. They show a large screen, thin-ish body, dark grey colour, etc. Google's LG phone should probably be announced by the end of the month. We'll be shocked if there's much we don't know about it by then. [Mobile Syrup via Verge Forums via Android Police via Verge, and Google Play via Engadget9to5Google]

Report: These Are the First Nexus 5 Press Images