Samsung Galaxy Round to Beat LG Z / G Flex to First Bendy Phone Title?

By Gerald Lynch on at

For anyone that's ever sneezed and seen their delicate smartphone screen shatter into a million snotty pieces, the prospect of a durable bendy phone must sound like an insurance-free dream. With both Samsung and LG now said to be racing to make their rival flexi-phones the first to market, that dream could soon be a reality.

Samsung's effort, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Round, is being tipped to launch this month in South Korea. It's a credible claim -- Samsung has been testing out flexible screens since before CES 2013, the exhibition where it showed off the Windows Phone-based Samsung Youm concept. It had a screen that tapered around the edge of the phone, effectively extending the screen size (a design that would almost certainly result in unintended touchscreen swipes if it made its way into a commercial product).

Not to be outdone, LG is looking to push out its rival, the variably-named LG Z or LG G Flex, at roughly the same time. Rumours (to be taken with a substantial helping of salt) claim that the LG handset is already in mass-production, ready to wow us in stores ahead of the Christmas rush. As for the details of the screen, the reliably informed OLED Info have a line on a "6-inch panel that weighs just 7.2 grams and is only 0.44 mm thin". A flexi-phablet, anyone? A "phabflex"? A "flexflab"? Feel free to do better. [Phone Arena, OLED Info, GforGames]

Image credit: The Verge