Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Skip Past 40 Million

By Gerald Lynch on at

Proving there is a market for plasticky phones with bloated software, Samsung has today revealed it's shifted over 40 million Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets in just 6 months. At this rate there won't be anyone left to sell the inevitable Galaxy S5 to. Or the Galaxy S5 Mini. Or the Galaxy S5 Active. Or the Galaxy S5 Zoom...

Though it's not yet clear whether the 40 million stated are actually in the hands of consumers, or sitting in mobile phone stock rooms dotted around the globe, Samsung has regardless previously been said to be disappointed with the handset's performance. Despite hitting the 40 million figure a month faster than the Galaxy S3 managed, with even loftier goals not being met it's thought the Galaxy S5 is now on the fast-track to a January 2014 release. [innews24 via SamMobile via Phandroid]


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