Samsung Galaxy S5 Chip to Be Half the Size and Way More Powerful

By Gerald Lynch on at

Following news that the Samsung Galaxy S4 didn't quite meet sales expectations, pushing the rumoured Galaxy S5 launch forward, Samsung may have a trump card up its sleeve for the next-gen handset -- a 14nm 64-bit chip. Anything Apple can do...

"Industry sources" speaking to DDaily say that, rather than making the more conservative step down from 28nm to a 22nm chip, Samsung is looking to jump way ahead with a 14nm chip. Packing the transistors closer together, a chip half the size of the one found in the Galaxy S4 could technically be far more efficient when it comes to power draw and heat generated. Rumoured to be the Exynos 6 chip, its potential as a 64-bit chip could open up the S5 to as much as 4GB (or more) of RAM too. [DDaily via TechRadar]

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