Samsung Legal Mistake Breaks Apple/Nokia Patent Secrecy Pact

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's found itself in an odd new legal battle, after it infuriated Apple and Nokia by circulating secret details of a patent deal between its two rivals to around 90 of its staff.

It was a poor bit of judgement from Samsung's legal team, as the documents regarding Apple and Nokia's settlement were marked "Highly Confidential Attorney Eyes Only" and were meant only for the reading of highly-important and highly-paid legal staff by express permission only.

Apple and Nokia made a complaint to the court after it was found that the unedited top secret file covering their technology-sharing agreement -- which was supposed to be read by one expert witness alone -- had been made more widely available. Samsung has blamed a "junior member" of an outside legal team for failing to properly redact the document.

If found guilty Samsung might face sanctions, like not being able to use Microsoft Word or email for six months, or something along those lines. [Guardian]