Schmidt-Faced Profile Pic-Swap Protests Dig at Google's "Endorsed Advert" Plans

By Gerald Lynch on at

The inevitable backlash against Google's user "endorsed" advertisements has begun, with those protesting the upcoming policy changes finding a hilarious way to get under the search giant's skin.

Unless users opt out of the new system, Google will be able to take a user's Google+ profile picture and use it within advertisements, as well as any supporting comments the user may have posted which flatter the product being advertised.

Now, those peeved off at the plans have joined forces, swapping their own photos out for those of Google boss Eric Schmidt. It seems Schmidt's mug is  going to be beaming in support of a hell of a lot products and services, unless Google can get the protestors on side.

Though it's fairly easy to opt-out of the new advert system, Google have deterred those who would automatically have opted out by stating that doing so could reduce the visibility of a user's posts and comments among pals on Google+. [BBC]