Scratch 'n Sniff Drug Cards: The Perfect Present For the Oblivious Parent in Your Life

By Chris Mills on at

Crimestoppers, the 'innovative startup' known for 'disrupting the industry' through its extensive use of crowdsourcing, is at it again. Rather than showing slightly grainy stop-motion TV footage of some mugger, though, they're handing out scratch cards to educate the population to what weed smells like.

The campaign, inspired by a similar inititative in Holland three years ago, has already had its beta test -- over 200,000 cards have already been handed out in notorious cannabis hostpots like South Yorkshire, Avon and Somerset, leading to a reported 28 per cent increase in the 'pieces of information' being reported to Crimestoppers, and leading to the police closing down 34 cannabis factories -- and that's just in London alone.

Whether the cards work more by encouraging people to call in a suspicion they've long been harbouring, or if people really are so naive to think that sickly-sweet smell is just incense is unclear, but either way, it's clearly working. Now we just have to wait for the cross-platform app version. [BBC]