"Severe Delays on the Goalscorers Line": Tube Map Gets Football Makeover For 150th Anniversary

By Gerald Lynch on at

Set to make Tube-bound tourists' trips to the capital a living hell, London Underground has revealed a football-inspired reworking of the iconic Tube map to mark both its own 150th anniversary and that of the Football Association.

Of course, it's only a bit of fun and isn't ever going to be replacing maps at stations. But it does hold some great trivia for football fans, with each of the 367 stations that make up the Tube, Docklands Light Railway and Overground networks having been named after either a footballer or official. Check out the complete map here.

There are plenty of neat little touches, such David Beckham taking the place of his childhood home of Leytonstone, and West Ham legend and 1966 World Cup captain Bobby Moore rightfully lording it over Upton Park. We're not convinced that placing Gazza where Heathrow terminals 1,2 and 3 normally should be is such a good idea though...[BBC]